Mar 12
The Empirical Difference: Getting a Hold of Your Own Situation
Over the course of our lives, we face various challenges and obstacles in achieving the best life possible. It is important to truly understand and conceptualize your own unique financial circumstances and the various solutions available to you which can alleviate stress and ultimately allow you to focus on the important things.

If you have been in debt before, you will agree that once you start digging that hole, it is a deep hole to climb out of. Debt is the result of many different circumstances (mortgages, credit cards, lines of credit, etc.). Each type of debt that you accumulate and depending on how it is managed, can really affect your future and how you live. When interest starts accumulating and not enough income is being generated, the hole gets deeper and deeper and sometimes, with no light in sight.

At the Empirical group, we take a very holistic approach when it comes to helping our clients. We navigate our clients through our industry-leading financial goals analysis focussing on key elements that will assist you in achieving your goals.

3 Elements:

Remove debt: Get out of debt fast by learning about our debt management techniques while focusing on wealth and estate creation. By utilizing solutions available to you, we can aid in debt minimization and essentially shave years off your mortgage and debt payments.

Wealth Creation: Most people will tell you that in order to create wealth, you need a plan and you need to stick to it. We will help create and tailor a unique plan that will take all aspects of your finances into account. Included in this will be saving plan implementation for long and short term goals.

Insurance Review: Insurance is a key element of any financial plan. Insurance policies can prevent you from relying on your savings and assets - which is something you want to avoid. Having the wrong insurance policies put into place can defeat the purpose of obtaining insurance and could lead to more debt and even defer retirement. We will assess your current policies and provide you with an analysis and suggested options. We will curtail the solutions to fit your budget and your unique circumstances.

Understanding our philosophy is one thing, but the opportunity to experience it in practice is another. You are encouraged to read about a case that we were recently involved in which ultimately saved our clients $204,566 in debt and decreased monthly payments substantially.

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Client Makeover:

Bob and Sue are in their mid-fifties. Clients faced a challenge when Bob sold his legal practice and incurred a large CRA debt, and simultaneously was unable to work due to an illness. The client has just started employment again and is earning an average income.

Home Value: $760,000 – Mississauga Property. They have lived in for 12 years.


Current Mortgage$405,000$1,400.002.99%
Line of Credit$35,000$525.006.50%
Credit Card$4,500$135.0014.90%
Line of Credit$17,000$255.0011.99%
Credit Card$7,200$216.0012.99%
Credit Card$7,500$225.0019.99%
Line of Credit$22,000$330.007.99%
Cell Phone$1,366$150.0019.99%
Line of Credit$10,000$300.0010.99%
Line of Credit$65,000$975.006.99%
CRA Debt$200,000$1,500.0012.00%

The clients were over extended. The Empirical team were able to get a mortgage lender and trustee to work together and come up with a strategy that puts the client into an incredible position.

New Mortgage$570,000 $3,220.00
TOTAL Eliminated:$204,566Monthly:$2,791.00

Empirical Advisor Plan

1. Review insurance needs and draft suitable plan.
2. Assess budget to aid in building a saving plan for retirement.
3. Start a credit rebuild program to maximize financial position.